Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store to view and purchase amber in person?

 Malia Claire is a home based business located in the GOLD COAST, QLD, AUSTRALIA (formerly located in Bendigo, VIC, Australia and BC, Canada - We have moved locations a few times!). While we don't have a storefront, we happily show customers our jewelry by appointment. Please email or use the contact form if you wish to set up a time to come by and visit! At this time, we are only able to accept cash when purchasing in person.


Is your Baltic Amber authentic?

Yes! Absolutely 100% authentic Baltic Amber imported from Lithuania. Sadly, there are many fakes on the market - made of plastic or similar materials, but we guarantee our amber to be genuine. Certificate of Authenticity can be provided upon request.


What is your product guarantee?



Do you offer discounts for large group orders or co-ops?

Yes! I love working with co-ops - if your group or co-op would like information on discounted rates, contact us!


What is the difference between raw & polished amber? How do I choose?

Appearance wise: Raw amber has a dull finish and polished amber is shiny. Raw amber tends to start working quicker and is stronger at treating pain/inflammation than polished amber. Polished amber also works very well to treat pain/inflammation and tends to be more durable. The raw amber is a little bit more fragile – it hasn’t had any minor imperfections polished away so it is more prone to chipping. The succinic acid released from Baltic Amber works both systemically and locally. The more amber worn, the more effective it will be. It is best to wear the amber as close to the site of pain/inflammation as possible to experience maximum benefits. To determine a perfect fit, it is best to measure yourself (or your baby/child) to determine what size will work best.



How do I determine what size I need?

Either use a sewing tape measure or a piece of string cut to the length you would like, and then measured.


Does the effectiveness of Baltic Amber run out?

No. Baltic Amber is already millions of years old - and is considered a living fossil -

thus continually producing succinic acid. Baltic Amber jewelry can become dirty with

skin oils, soap residues, etc and should be cleaned regularly to prevent a build up

from blocking the succinic acid from leaching out. To clean your amber - rinse in

clean, soap-free water and polish each bead with a soft cloth. The frequency in which

this needs to be done depends on the wearer. We recommend removing the jewelry

for baths/showers to prevent soap build-up. The amber will not be damaged by soaps,

chlorine, etc but if the threading is constantly being wet and dried, it will break down



Are baltic amber baby necklaces safe for babies to wear?

All of our Baltic Amber Baby Necklaces & Anklets have a knot in between each bead. This is to prevent scattering in

the event that the necklace breaks. Babies should not wear amber necklaces (or any necklace for

that matter!) when unsupervised. Always remove the necklace when you cannot closely watch baby

(naps, bedtime, etc). If you find that baby is fussy when the necklace is removed, an amber anklet

worn underneath a baby sleeper can provide relief. Some babies can wear their amber necklace

double-wrapped around the ankle (depending on the size of the necklace and the size of the ankle).

The amber anklets that we carry can also be worn as a bracelet when baby is older and out of the

“put everything in their mouth” stage. None of our amber jewelry is meant to be sucked on or chewed.

What are your shipping rates?

We ship worldwide via Australia Post standard/economy shipping. Shipping rates:

**FREE standard/economy shipping within Australia on ALL orders.

How long will it take to receive my amber?

We always ship orders out within 2 business days of receiving payment (except in the event of illness or emergency). Unless your order is shipped by Express Post, there is no guarantee on the length of time it will take to arrive. Approximate ship times are as follows:

Within Australia: 2-6 business days (standard post)

There are a lot of reasons that can contribute to postal delays (weather, holidays, customs, smaller town destinations, etc) and unfortunately these delays are out of our hands. If you require your order to arrive within a guaranteed period of time, please let us know and we can arrange a faster shipping method for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

When ordering off the website, you will be redirected to Paypal, where you can pay with your Paypal account, or with a credit card. You do not need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal.

When picking up your amber from my home, in person, I am currently accepting cash only.

Australians Only: If you wish to pay directly from your bank account, please email me your order to (include item numbers and your mailing address). You will receive an email back with your total and my BSB and account number. Once your payment has cleared, your order will ship

If I have missed answering your question - please email me at or use the contact form and I will respond to you asap.  Also, be sure to LIKE us on Facebook to be informed of new products, contests, sales and coupon codes!!