“Chocolate Baroque” – Raw, unpolished genuine baltic amber beads – baby necklace

Length: Approx 12.5 inches/31.8 cm

*Please note: item may differ slightly as amber is a natural product and small variations in colours can occur.

#1333 - Chocolate Baroque

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  • Baltic Amber baby necklaces - a must have for babies & toddlers! Helps reduce discomforts - reduces oral pains, minimizes drooling and associated facial & diaper rashes, soothes colicky infants, eases symptoms of eczema. A natural way to reduce irritability in babies and toddlers. Please note: baby necklaces are not meant to be chewed or sucked on, and are not a toy. Malia Claire Baltic Amber baby necklaces are individually knotted between each bead to prevent bead scattering should the necklace break. Babies should be supervised when wearing necklaces and the necklace should be removed during naps/bedtime and anytime supervision isn't available. Amber should be worn continually in order for maximum benefits, so we recommend a Baltic Amber baby anklet be worn when the necklace is removed. We have a variety of different baby anklets to choose from as well.