Mini Wholesale Order of 10 Baltic Amber Adult Bracelets - various colours, raw & polished amber. Great opportunity for a group of friends to purchase at a discounted rate, or to give as gifts and keep some (or all!) for yourself! You are welcome to email with your preference of adult bracelet item #'s and I will do my best to accommodate but replacements can and will be made if certain items are unavailable. I will contact you if this is the case. If I do not receive an email letting me know which bracelets you would like, I will choose 10 bracelets for you - and will provide you with a variety of colours. Those who are wishing to place larger bulk or wholesale orders - please email me with inquiry. 

Adult Amber Bracelet Bulk Order

  • Baltic Amber Bracelets make a wonderful gift for those who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, muscle & joint paint, anxiety, eczema and any type of pain/inflammation. Wear one, or wear many - they look great on men and women!